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The First Time…

Last night was the first time since I gave birth that C and I went out on our own without Noah. It being the Olympics Hockey semi-finals, our friend invited a group of us over to his place to catch the game, since he’s the only one who has Mio TV. Tell me again, why do we subscribe to Starhub? Anyway, the Australia vs Germany game promised to be a really good one, and C convinced me to leave the baby at home with our confinement lady, so that we could watch the game together.

I never thought I’d experience separation anxiety at just two weeks, but I did. I’m VERY indecisive by nature and this just threw my fickle mind into overdrive. Should I go? What if the baby can’t fall asleep without suckling from my boob? What if something happens to the baby? Would my time be better spent sleeping at home instead? Is there enough of my expressed breast milk in the fridge for him? As though these questions weren’t enough, my brain decided to throw in another one that I know sounds silly now but seemed really scary to me last night: What if we got into an accident? I guess becoming a parent really makes you worry for the rest of your life!

C’s winning argument that convinced me to go? The confinement lady was the person who can best handle baby and whom we can safely trust. This was our best chance to go out without Noah, especially since it was late at night and we would only be away for three hours. How could I argue with that logic? I pumped some extra milk for storage, just in case Noah needed more than what I had left in the fridge earlier, and the confinement lady reassured me more than once that she would be just fine alone with the baby. Secretly, I bet she thought I was nuts, but in my defence, my hormones are still all over the place.

Did I regret my decision? Nope! I had a good time with C and our friends, talking and laughing during the duller moments of the game, and cheering madly when the teams scored. It reminded me a little of the time that C and I went to KL with our friends to watch the Hockey World Cup, ten years ago. The game has changed so much since then, and so have our lives. I can’t wait for Noah to be old enough to start playing hockey! 🙂

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