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SmartKids Asia Expo 2013

Just got back from the SmartKids Asia Expo! So many booths with fun activities for the kids, but unfortunately, Noah is too young for them. We’ll definitely bring him for it when he’s older!

I didn’t manage to take many photos, but one booth which caught my eye is the Kids’ Gallery, which features plenty of craft activities and DaBox. It looks very interesting and I managed to get one to try out with my nephew. Now to find time to do it with him…

Kids’ Gallery




What the completed project is supposed to look like


Actually, what I really enjoyed was meeting the other mummy bloggers! I felt like a fan girl, meeting these ladies whose blogs I’ve been stalking reading for some time. Heehee.

Group photo with the mummy bloggers!


The range of booths there is quite extensive, and you can find all sorts of vendors! I was surprised to see the Transitions booth, as it’s not something you’d expect at a kids’ fair, but I guess I didn’t really think about eyecare for kids. By the way, your kid can get a free fitting at the booth if he/she wears spectacles. 😉

Transitions Booth


I think it’s pretty impressive that all these booths are so elaborately done up. There’s a Kindsville too, featuring the Singa Lion (I think that’s what he’s called) but I didn’t manage to get a picture of it.

Do pop by the SmartKids Asia Expo with your kids this weekend if you are looking for something to do with them! You can even meet the Ninja Turtles, Spongebob and Dora. Have fun! 🙂

Noah was just happy to be there even though he couldn’t participate in any of the activities

Happy Noah

PS. Meiling of Universal Scribbles has a more detailed post on SmartKids Asia, so do check it out!

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