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Silly Things We Say / Do #9

The little boy seems to have entered the separation anxiety phase and my arms were seriously aching after a day of carrying him around. I asked C to massage my arms for me and he dutifully did so.

After a while…

Me: What’s wrong? Why you like so mm kam guan (dialect for ‘reluctant’) to massage my arms?

C: Huh? What are you talking about? *pause* Kam Guan biscuits ah?

Me: *confused and therefore speechless*

C: Oh wait, Khong Guan biscuits… What were you saying again?

Me: Hahaha. This is going on my blog for sure!

C: No no no, my friends are going to make fun of me again. (He has two very childish immature fun-loving friends who enjoy teasing him about anything and everything I blog about. Yes, I’m talking about you two! *rolls eyes* )

Me: But it’s quite funny leh…

PS. In C’s defence, he doesn’t speak dialect and can’t really be blamed for not getting what I said. 😉

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