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Scientia Square Park

A couple of people have mentioned Scientia Square Park to me recently, so we decided to do a bit of exploring there on Saturday afternoon. Our driver wasn’t familiar with the place, so it was Google maps to the rescue, and I think it took us about an hour or 1.5 hours to get there.

Scientia Square Park

Entrance and Ticket Counter

Which way should we go?

The children were all super fascinated by the water buffalo, but none of them dared to ride on it, and just looked at it from a safe distance. We brought them to get a closer look at the paddy fields, but it was entirely lost on the twins, as expected. At least N showed some interest, though he was a bit nervous, because our helper told us that there were snakes hiding in the water. No idea if that’s true, but she says that’s what happens in her kampung.

Checking out the water buffalo

Mini paddy field

I think all three children loved the rabbit farm the most, as they were really excited and animated while interacting with the rabbits. We bought a packet of carrot sticks for IDR 10,000, and the kids went around feeding the rabbits on their own. They managed to pat a few of them while they were busy eating, and sort of just followed the rabbits around.

Rabbit farm

The butterfly farm was just opposite the rabbit farm, and the kids spent some time yelling, “Bird! Bird!” at the lovebirds. We were all disappointed not to see any butterflies at all, though there were many discarded chrysalises in the display cabinet. My favourite part of the butterfly farm was the large stick insect, as I had never seen one before. Can you spot it in the photo below?

Butterfly farm

Can you see the stick insect?

Love birds

There was a koi pond nearby, and again, the twins yelled, “Fish! Fish!” at them. N went from one end of the pond to the other, just to see the koi “following” him around, but got bored after a while because we didn’t buy the fish food.


The horse-riding area was nearby, and N opted to ride the carriage together with me and the twins. Meimei was really scared at first, because she thought that she would have to sit on the horse itself, but calmed down when she realised that I would be holding her on my lap. There is actually also another horse that children can ride on their own, but this carriage was a bit more value for money, since we paid IDR 50,000 for four of us. The ride took less than five minutes, but I think if it went on for any longer, Didi would have dozed off, because he was so comfortable.


After that, we went to the playground, where the kids sat on the large swing together. The twins didn’t enjoy it at all, so N got to lie down on it by himself after a while.


Before we left, we chased the children around on the large open field there, since we hardly have the opportunity to do so in Jakarta. Parks like these are really quite rare here, so I’m glad we found this place, where the children can play outdoors, and just run around.

Big open field

There are quite a few attractions which we didn’t explore, such as the trampoline park, slides and ladders, wall climbing, water play area, and inline skating area.

Trampoline park

Slides and Ladders

Wall climbing

It was a lovely way to spend our Saturday afternoon, and I think we wouldn’t mind visiting it again.

Scientia Square Park Address: Jl. Scientia Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tanggerang 15810, Indonesia Opening hours: 6am to 9pm (weekdays), 6am to 11pm (weekends) Price: IDR 25,000 (weekdays), IDR 50,000 (weekends and public holidays) Website HERE

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