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Review, Discount Code, and Giveaway: Le Petit Society

Have you noticed how hard it is to find clothes for boys? In most shops, there will be huge sections devoted to girls and the various pretty accessories you can get to doll them up, and if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to spot a tiny corner that stocks boys’ clothing. Initially, I bought plenty of rompers for Noah, but as he grew older, I started looking for separates, and realised how difficult that was. 

We received the Le Petit Society Baby Boy 4-piece Playful Lounge Wear for review recently, and I was immediately impressed by how soft the clothes felt. I did a lot of online shopping for baby clothes when I was pregnant, because I was put on bed rest for some time, and some of the rompers I bought were of rather poor quality. Some were very thin, some were rough to the touch, while others were smaller than advertised. That’s the risk you take with online shopping, I guess, and back then, I didn’t know better. These days, when I shop online, I make sure that I read reviews carefully, before making my purchases.

For me? Wow! 


It’s a box! I love boxes! 


What’s inside? 


Personalised card: such a lovely touch! 


The clothes were neatly packed in the box, but Noah messed them up before I could take a photo.


The Le Petit Society Baby Boy 4-piece Playful Lounge Wear came with a long-sleeved top, a short-sleeved top, and two pairs of shorts. I’ve been struggling to find shorts that fit Noah here in Adelaide, and was very pleased to see the shorts. The weather has been pretty erratic, and I sometimes pack the long-sleeved top into my diaper bag, just in case the weather changes, and it gets too chilly for Noah when we are out.

The Baby Boy 4-piece Playful Lounge Wear 


Long-sleeved top with shorts 


Short-sleeved top with shorts 


I really liked how soft the clothes were, but decided to withhold judgment till I had washed and dried them, as I’ve had bad experiences with some other clothes previously. Thankfully, the clothes remained as soft as ever, even after going through the dryer, and I dressed Noah in them as soon as possible.

The short-sleeved top has two snap buttons at the top, making it easier to slip over his head, and I liked that both tops were long enough to cover his belly, even when his arms were raised. I also loved the little details added to the clothes, such as the elbow patches and pockets on the long-sleeved top, and the tiny pocket on one of the shorts. I found the shorts with the grey trimming a tad too big for Noah, but the one with the blue trimming fit him perfectly. The shorts are both roomy enough for a fat diaper butt, so no worries there. Noah was very comfortable in the clothes, and had no problems sleeping or playing in them. The material was also stretchy enough for him to climb around with ease, and did not hinder his movements at all.

Napping unglamorously in his new outfit 


Out for dinner




Check out the cute elbow patch!






Almost there… 




Other than cute clothes, Le Petit Society also stocks a range of affordable accessories, such as watches, bags and shoes, to complete your little one’s outfit. Do check out the adorable Jellycat soft toys and books too! I’m so in love with them, and am really tempted to get Noah one to cuddle, because he loves soft toys, and is forever trying to kiss random soft toys he sees in the shops, but I’m exercising great self-restraint for now, because C insists that Noah has enough soft toys. Pffft. Men.

About Le Petit Society (source here) The idea for Le Petit Society  was hatched in 2012 by Singaporean founders Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong. Frustrated by the lack of availability of great looking children’s clothing at an affordable price in the Asian market, Robyn and Dylan set out to develop their own line. Their objective was always clear: to create childrenswear that celebrates modern Asian cool while remaining accessible.

Robyn and Dylan spent many years living and traveling throughout Asia, and decided that the best way to produce beautiful children’s clothing at an affordable price point was to localise design, production, and distribution right here in Asia. Their headquarters are located in Hong Kong, and their proximity to the leading garment manufacturers helps them to control their costs while never sacrificing quality and safety.


Le Petit Society is having their first anniversary sale, with a 30% discount on all Le Petit Society branded items. Enter the code ONEYEAR at checkout to enjoy the discount. They offer free shipping across Asia, so you can send them as gifts to your loved ones overseas too. Happy shopping! Sale ends on 28 Feb 2014.


TWO lucky readers of Growing with the Tans will each win their choice of a Le Petit Society’s item, EXCLUDING items from Jellycat, Catseye, Little Blue Lamb shoes or may28th watches.

PS. Each item will be packed in a gift-box, so you can give it to someone else as a present. This is a worldwide giveaway, so you can even win something for your overseas friends!

Closing date: 10 February 2014, 2359h


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