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Review: Agape Babies (Plus Discount Code!)

As mum to a very active toddler, shopping in the malls in now a near-impossible task. Look at an item on the shelf for two seconds, and spend the next few minutes chasing your child, who has decided that running around the store filled with fragile items is his new favourite activity. I am so deprived of shopping in a proper departmental store, that I consider going to the supermarket for groceries, “shopping”, and spend an unnecessarily long amount of time there, because Noah is trapped in the supermarket trolley. 

I’m no stranger to online shopping, and can’t believe that I only recently discovered Agape Babies, a multi-store selling a host of baby essentials, with over 150 brands and more than 2500 different products, as well as kids’ apparel, bags, and accessories, from The Sunshine Kids. I’ve heard that they will be adding more stores to their multi-store really soon, which means that customers can shop freely from the stores on their site, and check out in one shopping cart. How convenient! Payment is also a breeze, as they accept Paypal, and Bank Transfers. If you prefer to pay in cash, you may do so at their four self-collection outlets, but do note that you need to request for self-collection in advance via email.

Agape Babies 

Agape 1

Check out all the brands they have!

Agape 2

I was pretty amazed by staggering number of brands that they carry, and even more so when I found that they sell diapers and formula milk too. It was so tough trying to decide what to buy, as there were so many things that I was interested in! Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@GrowingwiththeTans) would have seen me conducting a poll on which water bottle to buy for Noah, and before I shared that photo, I actually got Noah to narrow down the options, because they were all too cute.

My Instagram Poll

Agape 3

After placing my order on Monday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email a few hours later, informing me that my order had been shipped out. The parcel then arrived on Tuesday afternoon, which to me, is really impressive. That’s really fast! I wouldn’t mind ordering bulkier items like diapers from them in future, since delivery is so quick, and it saves me the hassle of lugging them home from the supermarket.

Box of Goodies


I was also pleased to see that my purchases were wrapped carefully in bubble wrap, preventing them from getting damaged before Noah got to damage touch them.

Safely wrapped up


My Loot!



I chose the Thermos Cars Funtainer 12oz Stainless Steel Straw Bottle, to replace Noah’s leaky water bottle, and he was so excited when he saw me filling it up with water for him, that he couldn’t even speak properly. He also drank copious amounts of water that day, but the novelty has since worn off. I filled his bottle with cold water on a hot day, which I think Noah really appreciated, so I’m glad I decided to spend a little more to get the Thermos bottle instead.

I’ve also been thinking of cooking pasta for Noah, but before I spend time making my own pasta sauce for him, I thought I’d save myself some time and trouble, by buying the Alce Nero Organic Tomato Sauce with Vegetables first. I figured the Alce Nero Vehicle Shape Pasta for Kids might encourage him to eat more, and it was quite a steal at $2.30.

Noah enjoys the Letterland series of books quite a bit, but I’ve been having trouble finding them, because they are often out of stock. Agape Babies has a pretty extensive collection of the Letterland books, and I’ll definitely be back to get more of them for him, when he’s older. He’s also been into stickers recently, so I thought that magnet books like the Letterland Alphabet Races and the Pixar Cars Bubble Magnet Book might appeal to him, as they are more durable than stickers, and work in somewhat similar ways.

Thrilled with his new bottle and books



Tempted to do a little online shopping of your own? You know you want to! Just quote “growingwiththetans” at checkout to get a 5% discount off your total bill. Kindly note that the code excludes sale category items, diapers, milk, and breast pumps. This discount code is valid from now till 5th December 2014, so hop over to Agape Babies to get your Christmas shopping done!

PS. There’s free courier delivery with a minimum $80 purchase, and a free gift with every $120 purchase. You can also sign up for their newsletter here to get a free gift voucher for your first purchase. Don’t forget to ‘like’ them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram (@agapebabies), and visit their parenting lifestyle blog, The Agape Lifestyle, as well.

*I received some shopping credit from Agape Babies for the purpose of this review, and topped up the remainder to qualify for free courier delivery. All images and opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.


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