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Playdate #6

Our little playgroup headed outdoors again, but this time, we went to Bedok Reservoir Park. The weather forecast wasn’t good, but thank God that it was nice and sunny all morning, which allowed the children to have more outdoor time. 

Noah slept pretty late the night before, so he was more subdued than usual, and asked to be carried around quite a bit. We had our usual Welcome song, followed by a revision of the colours and shapes learnt, before a new shape (rectangle) was introduced.

Good morning to you!


Colours and shapes


For story-time, I read Eric Carle’s The Very Busy Spider

*, which I thought was appropriate, since we were outdoors. The book has a raised spider web, so I invited the kids touch it after I had finished reading the book.

The Very Busy Spider



Taking turns to touch the web and the fly




I tried to have some form of continuity by getting the children to do some textures rubbing for the craft activity. They were given a sheet of A4-sized paper each, went around looking for different surface textures, and used crayons to work on the rubbings. I didn’t have any crayons for this, but thankfully, some of the mums responded to my SOS a few days before, and brought their own. The children didn’t seem to really understand what they were doing, and honestly didn’t seem very interested, I think this activity is more suitable for older children.

Textures rubbing 




We had snacks after that, and the children munched on their biscuits and fruits happily, while the mums chatted. Noah, as usual, refused to eat any of the biscuits, and only ate a few grapes, despite not having his breakfast. Sigh.

Saying Grace


Our mini picnic



After we cleared away the food, Mummy J read a Chinese book about bathing, and followed up with a Chinese action song about bathing.

Time for Chinese


F wanted to get a closer look at the book




We continued with the sorting of shapes and colours for Practical Life Skills, and the mums noticed that the kids seemed to prefer sorting the shapes instead of the colours. Noah was able to sort the shapes without much prompting from me, but kept wanting to pour the coloured cubes onto the floor, instead of sorting them. I think I’ll probably get him to try sorting his coloured blocks at home, so that he will be more familiar with the activity.





Mummy S led us in three action songs after that, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “He’s Able”, and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Noah did some of the actions for the first song on his own, because it’s his all-time favourite song, but needed my help for the other two.

The Wheels on the Bus


Instead of the usual Big Muscles Movement activity, the kids were given playground time, but Noah absolutely refused to step on the sand again. He was very happy on the swing, and then kept himself busy playing with the new bubbles gun I bought from Toys R Us.

Happy to be on the swing (and not on the sand)


Bubbles gun!



We had a tough time getting the kids to stay in one spot for the group photo, and decided to ‘trap’ them on a bench for it.

Group shot


Personally, I think I prefer being at Bishan Park instead of Bedok Reservoir Park, because the pavilion there is larger, and somehow, it feels as though the grassy areas there are more open. Also, there were a lot of big, red ants at Bedok Reservoir Park, and I was really worried that I would accidentally bring some home if they crawled into my bag. It was still a good experience for the children to be outdoors, and Noah got to see all kinds of insects while we were there.

*This is an affiliate link, which means that if you buy the book after clicking on this link, a few cents from this sale goes to Noah’s book fund, at absolutely no cost to you.


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