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Photo a Day (April) Part 2

This was tougher than I remembered it to be. When I first began, I thought it was going to be pretty easy, because I did it last year and had quite a lot of fun. Not that I didn’t have fun this time round, but I was so busy with the baby that there were days which I completely forgot to take a photo for this challenge. I think I’ll be less ambitious and just stick to my Photo a Day for the baby, rather than attempt to do this as well. For now, at least! Here’s the second half of my April Photo a Day Challenge !

Day 17: Busy | Busy playing. What else do babies do, apart from eating, sleeping, and pooping, right?


Day 18: Hello! | Waking daddy up to say hello every morning. Noah seems to really enjoy waking C up! He always has such a gleeful look when I plop him onto our bed in the mornings, and he will immediately proceed to tug on C’s shirt, babbling loudly away, as though he’s telling C to wake up and play with him.


Day 19: Button | Button earrings. I don’t wear any earrings anymore because I don’t want Noah to get accidentally injured by them. These were one of the last pairs I bought before I gave birth, I think. Sorry for the extremely blurry image! I’m really bad at taking good photos and C was tsk-ing away when he saw this shot. “Very unprofessional!” he said. 🙁


Day 20: On your mind | The baby, and sleep. Not necessarily in that order. Any mother will tell you that you’ll never stop worrying about your kid, and that sleep becomes really elusive after the baby arrives. This was Noah napping in the Manduca, just before our trial gym class.


Day 21: Fire | Emergency exit in case of fire. Okay I admit that this was rather uninspired. I couldn’t think of anything and saw this while waiting for the train, so erm, yeah…


Day 22: Blurry | The baby’s ‘blur’, just woke up, look. Sometimes, Noah wakes up and is all ready to play. On other days, this is what he looks like. He was just stoning in his high-chair after his nap, waiting for someone to play with him.


Day 23: Time | Our ‘incomplete’ clock. It’s quite a good conversation starter, as everyone who comes to our house will ask about it. My little nephew was extremely puzzled when he first saw it, and kept asking us where the rest of the clock was.


Day 24: I saw this person today | Our little circus star hanging on the trapeze at Gymnademics! He seems to enjoy being on it, and I hope he will continue being so very brave!


Day 25: Life is… | … good when you’re a baby. You have at least two people constantly trying to keep you happy! He’s very busy staring at the fan, which keeps him cool on the rare occasions that we bring him out in the stroller.


Day 26: Childhood | Plenty of play-time makes for a happy childhood. He was having fun on Rody at Gymnademics, when we brought him down for a bit of play-time before lunch. I’ve been thinking of getting him a bouncy toy like this, but wasn’t sure if he would enjoy it, so this was a good opportunity to try it out.


Day 27: Earth | Saving the earth by using wet bags. I’m a sucker for pretty wet bags, and I’ve bought quite a few from various vendors already. I use them to keep his spare change of clothes, as well as his wet swimsuit if we go swimming. Now that he’s eating porridge, I also use a wet bag to store his eating utensils and Thermos food jar.


Day 28: My Sunday | Watching hockey. The hubs still plays hockey with his friends, and we’ll go down on match days to cheer him on.


Day 29: I wore this today | My sec sch hockey jersey, because it’s so soft and comfy!


Day 30: Glasses | Who needs teethers when you can gnaw on daddy’s glasses instead? For some strange reason, Noah LOVES grabbing C’s glasses and sucking on them. I think it’s really dirty, and keep trying to stop Noah from doing it, but clearly, I’m not doing a very good job of stopping it from happening.


Well, that’s all, folks! It was quite a fun month, but I think I won’t be attempting the FMS Photo a Day Challenge again in the near future. Do check out the Photo a Day Challenge if you’re interested to try it out for yourself!

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