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Online Shopping – Red Packets

An ex-classmate of mine contacted me recently to ask if I was keen on purchasing some red packets which her husband had designed.

This being Noah’s first CNY, I thought it might be nice to mark the occasion with something a little more unique, and a red packet with our family’s surname on it seems like the perfect answer. What I really like about these red packets is that the history of our family’s surname is printed on them! Of course, I must admit that I don’t quite know how to read all the words, but I’m definitely going to try, so that Noah can learn about our Tan heritage too. 🙂

The Red Packets

If you are keen to get these unique red packets for the coming CNY, you can order them online from the website, or purchase them directly from ToyPost at Raffles Place MRT station. There are 23 different surnames available and each box of 20 red packets costs $10.

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