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Nursing Room Review: Nex Isetan

After my bad experience with one of the nursing rooms in Nex, I decided to check out the nursing room situated within the Isetan there. I found it to be a little better designed and equipped, and I plan to use this nursing room whenever I need to in the future, even though it might be a little out of the way.

Nex Isetan Nursing Room (Level 3, Children’s Department) Tucked away in the corner of the Children’s Department, I wouldn’t have noticed or even found this nursing room if I didn’t go looking for it. It’s a nice touch though, on the part of Isetan, to include a nursing room within its premises, especially since the mall itself has quite a number of nursing rooms available.

Facilities: 4/5 There were two small rooms available for nursing mothers, but when I was there, both were initially occupied, and I ended up nursing my baby in the open area where the changing tables were located. It was a good thing that no one was actually using the changing tables then! After a while, one of the rooms became free, so I quickly popped in as Noah has recently gotten into the habit of lifting up my nursing bib to look around while he’s drinking. Sigh.

The room itself is a tad small and might not be able to accomodate a stroller, but I can’t be sure of that as I didn’t have my stroller with me to test the space out. There was a chair and a bench in the room, together with a power point and mirror. Very basic, but nicer than the other nursing room I visited the last time. The door can also be locked, ensuring privacy while nursing.

Inside the nursing room

Nex Isetan Chair & Bench


Nex Isetan Nursing Room Mirror

Outside the nursing rooms, there are three changing tables, two high chairs, a sink, two water jugs and a hot water dispenser. What I liked about the changing tables is that they have very thoughtfully placed a roll of plastic bags there, so that parents can use them for soiled clothes or diapers. The tables are also of a good height (ie low enough for me) and come with safety straps. I was a little puzzled by the high chairs in the area though, especially because they were directly below a ‘No Food and Drinks’ sign. I thought that the two water jugs were a nice touch too, as they contained boiled water at room temperature, which can be used for preparing formula milk.

Changing tables

Nex Isetan Changing Area

Close-up of plastic bags and bin

Nex Isetan Bags

High Chairs

Nex Isetan High Chairs

Sink, water jugs and hot water dispenser

Nex Isetan Sink

Cleanliness: 4/5 There wasn’t any hand soap nor paper towels provided, if I remember correctly. The chairs in the changing area were badly stained and I didn’t dare to take a closer look at them while I was seated there nursing my baby, for fear of what I’d see. Apart from that, I think the area was quite well-maintained and clean in general.

Conclusion The nursing rooms here are definitely more comfortable than the ones situated within the general shopping area of the mall. The area is brightly lit and the warm, brown hues are quite welcoming, in my opinion. The little additional touches, such as the plastic bags, are a bonus and show that quite a bit of thought has gone into planning this area.

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