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My Spiffy New Kitchen Toy

C and I have been together for about 12 years. That’s 12 anniversary gifts, 12 birthday gifts, 12 Christmas gifts, and countless other ‘just because’ gifts. We share the same birthday month, August, and because I’m 13 days older than him, *Gasp* I married a younger man! I always get really stressed about trying to top his gift to me.

To his credit, C has a great knack for buying me presents. He listens when I ramble on and on about whatever I read about, or saw when I was out, then sieves through the useless bits, decodes the secret message, and figures out what I want. Who says men don’t listen? They do! Not all the time, of course, but they listen to the important stuff.

Sometimes, he gets me something that I didn’t even realise that I want, until he gives it to me. Like this year’s gift, for example. It’s something that I would never have bought for myself, because to me, it’s a ‘nice-to-have’, not a ‘must-have’.

Anyway, we go through the same routine each time we have a celebration coming up.

C: What do you want for your birthday this year?

Me: Nothing.

C: There must be something.

Me: No, really, nothing! I don’t need a new bag, because you got me the LeSportSac diaper bag in Hong Kong. I don’t wear jewellery now because of Noah. I don’t need anything, so don’t waste money, okay?

Then the other day, after we came home from lunch, C stands behind his car, and tells me to join him there. I was nagging him about not leaving rubbish in the car just before that, so I thought he was going to point at the dent I created in the car’s bumper after my accident, to make me stop nagging, and refused to go over. Heh.

After some persuasion, I finally stood next to C, behind our car, in our carpark. He opens the boot, and this is what I saw inside.

Hello there, gorgeous!


I was stunned. Too stunned to take a photo of it in the boot, which explains why you see in on my kitchen counter instead.

Me: Huh? Why did you buy me this? Yes, I have to work on my response to receiving gifts.

C: You don’t like it? I thought you wanted it! You kept talking about the reviews that the mummy bloggers wrote on it!

Me: But I don’t even cook anymore! Plus, I have a blender, and a KitchenAid, both of which I don’t even use now. Yes, yes, very lousy response, I know.

C: *looks crestfallen* You don’t like it.

Me: *belatedly realising how ungrateful I sound* No, no, I do! I just don’t know when I’ll get to use it!

C: It can do a lot of things, you know. Can make ice-cream! I checked out a lot of the mummy bloggers’ reviews before buying it.

Me: Okay, okay, thanks! I’ll use it soon, okay?

Sitting prettily (in the box) on our kitchen counter


I love the blurb on the side of the box too! It chops like a ninja, okay?


One last look at the box, before I rip it open. Not today, but soon.


So here’s my resolution. I’ll start trying to do more in the kitchen, especially since I have a new-found motivation to do so: a spiffy new kitchen gadget to play with! I still can’t bear to open it yet, for some strange reason. Maybe it’s because even the box itself looks so pretty, and Mr Oliver is on it. Anyway, here’s to more interesting meals, snacks, and desserts, courtesy of my new Jamie Oliver Food Processor. 🙂

PS. Does anyone have any great gift ideas that I can steal for C’s upcoming birthday? I don’t know how to top this! Help, please!

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