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My iHerb Shopping List (Plus 5% off with code DRM056)

Ever since I became a mum, I started shopping on iHerb. I usually get supplements to boost everyone’s immunity, but I also stock up on some of the grocery items as well. These days, I order in bulk before we are scheduled to fly back to SG, so that I can bring everything back to Jkt, since it’s so difficult to get such items shipped directly from the US to Jkt. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my latest favourite items, since I do get some questions occasionally on what to buy on iHerb. Don’t forget to use my discount code DRM056 to get 5% off each time you order!

This first set is what I usually get for myself. Since I’m still breastfeeding, I try to take the Prenatal DHA and Prenatal multivitamins daily. I took Fenugreek to boost my supply in the first few months, and now I’m taking Lecithin because it supposedly helps to prevent blocked ducts. I’m super prone to blocked ducts and mastitis (I just recovered from yet another round of both two weeks ago), so I take 1-2 capsules of Lecithin once to thrice a day. I’ve added the links below for easy reference (and purchasing!).

This next group is for skin-related issues. N and Didi both have mild eczema, and I’ve tried many different types of creams on them. So far, the Aveeno one works best, and their skin clears up quite quickly after I’ve applied generous amounts on them. I use the Eczema Therapy one when their skin flares up, and the Moisturising Cream is for general use.

N was extremely prone to diaper rash when he was a baby, but the usual brands such as Desitin and Mustela didn’t work for him. Someone recommended the Weleda Calendula Diaper Care Cream, and I was so relieved when it worked. With the twins, this is also the only one that works for them, so I usually stock up when I’m back in SG. It’s much cheaper from iHerb, so I order in bulk whenever it’s in stock (it runs out of stock quite quickly/frequently even on iHerb).

Aloe Vera is always something good to have on standby, and I remember how soothing it feels to apply aloe vera gel on sunburnt skin (best if it’s been kept in the fridge!). My friend also uses this on her son’s eczema sometimes, when she runs out of the Aveeno cream, and she says it’s quite effective too.

Sambucol is an extremely popular supplement for kids and even adults. It supports the immune system, and tastes great, so N loves taking this every morning.

I give N quite a few different supplements to boost his immune system, and it really helps that all of them taste pretty yummy/sweet. I tried giving him the traditional Scotts’ Emulsion Cod Liver Oil, but he absolutely refused to take the orange-flavoured one (I didn’t bother trying the original flavour), so I was pleasantly surprised that he liked this one that I got from iHerb. He loves the DHA soft gel caps, and always asks if he can have more! I give him the Calcium supplement once a week, after checking with our PD. It looked a bit gross to me, but N says it’s very nice, and always asks if he can take it more often. Haha. The vitamin C gummies look and taste just like sweets, and on days when he asks for a sweet, I give him one of them. I don’t really like that they’re sugar-coated, but at least they’re healthier than ordinary candy, right?

12. DHA

Recently, all three kids came down with bad blocked/runny noses, and our friend recommended using a nasal rinse on them, since Baby Sterimar didn’t seem to help much. I was surprised at how cooperative N was, and even though the twins screamed and cried like crazy, we persisted, because so much mucus was flushed out, and they could breathe properly after that. I ordered the adult kits from iHerb because C is prone to having blocked noses too, but the children’s kits are only available at Watsons and Guardian (if I’m not wrong).

When N was a baby, I cleaned his toys, playmat, and highchair religiously with this Babyganics cleaner. With the twins, I don’t really use this as frequently, but I do ask my helper to clean the changing mat with it occasionally.

I like this finger toothbrush because it comes with a case, which makes it easier to pack for holidays. I also like that there are two sides to it, and the bristles are soft enough for babies’ gums. The twins like gnawing on them as teethers!

Now that we have a bathtub, I thought it would be fun to get some bath toys for N. He doesn’t get that much bathtub time, but he uses these toys in the swimming pool. He uses them more to squirt water in the air (or on C), and has plenty of fun with them, so I think it’s still a pretty good purchase.

When N was younger, he was a super fussy eater (I even blogged about how stressed I was HERE), but he liked snacking on puffs and yogurt drops, so I ordered various flavours of both items for him. The twins seem to like these snacks as well, but with all things imported here in Jkt, the puffs are expensive, and when you have two, sometimes three, kids eating them quickly, it makes more sense to get them from iHerb at a lower price. The twins have cereal almost every morning for breakfast, and my goodness, they go through a box in three to four days! I’m not very particular about brands, and thankfully, they’re not as fussy as N, so I stock up on the Gerber cereal from iHerb too.

When N falls sick and has to take “yucky” medicine, I bribe him with a lollipop, and I love that these are organic, yet super affordable. I got them for his birthday goodie bags when we were in SG too, since they’re a healthier alternative than generic gummies and/or lollipops.

I make overnight oats for my breakfast occasionally (blogpost HERE), and I use these four items frequently. I also like adding the chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds to my bread when I use my bread-maker.

One of our favourite peanut butters is this one that I order from iHerb. We like the crunchy peanut butter, and this one is, to us, a perfect blend of the crunchy and smooth peanut butter. It’s always good to have a jar (or two) of honey at home, and this is my go-to brand for those days when I feel a sore throat coming on. I find that if I take it early enough, before the serious symptoms set in, I usually wake up feeling fine the next morning. I like snacking on potato chips, and try to convince myself that these olive oil ones are healthier. Heh.

I’ve recently started asking my helper to use this all-purpose seasoning for our food, and once in a while, I use it for the twins’ meals too. I prefer not to use any seasoning for the babies at the moment, but this organic seasoning is quite mild, and definitely healthier than some of the MSG-laden ones I’ve seen.

Phew! This list took longer than expected to compile, but I hope you’ll find it useful! Don’t forget to use my discount code DRM056 (that’s a zero, not an ‘O’) to get 5% off each and every order you place. If you’ve got ShopBack, remember to click through to iHerb from your ShopBack account, in order to get the CashBack. If you haven’t signed up for ShopBack yet, you can do so with THIS LINK, and get an additional $10 credited to your account once you’ve accumulated $25 worth of CashBack (which is really easy to do).

Happy shopping!

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