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Just Keep Swimming

We brought Noah swimming for the first time today! The little boy didn’t seem very impressed with his experience at all, as you can see in the photos below. I was definitely more excited than him!

Mummy is clearly more excited than Noah


What’s going on?


‘Yes, can I help you?’ I think he looks like a receptionist here, just one who works in a pool rather than an office.


Come here, Ball!


Trying to touch the ball.




Smiling at last!


We put Noah into the float initially but after a while, we thought he might have more fun just being in the pool. I accidentally dunked him into the water once, and I think he drank some of the pool water on a couple more occasions. Oops. C’s friend suggested that we get one of those neck ring floats instead for our next swim, so we’ll go look for one. Hopefully, he’ll enjoy swimming more next time!

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