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Intuition: Mom’s Assistant

I read about this iPhone app called ‘Intuition: Mom’s Assistant’ and decided to try it out for myself since I often find myself forgetting things on my list of things to do/buy.

I used to use the ‘Notes’ app to keep track of my lists but I’m quite taken by this new app. I get to colour code the different categories which is a very frivolous reason, but hey, these things make a difference to me. More importantly, there are actual categories and this helps me to be a little more organised, especially when I remember bits of my shopping list at random moments. Another plus point: when I put down ‘Email xxx’, the app cleverly syncs with my address book and mailbox, saving me the hassle of looking for my contact’s email address. Any time-saving app is worth sharing, in my opinion. Hope you’ll find it helpful too! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mom to use it. It’s good for anyone who, like me, needs help keeping track of the crazy to-do list.

Now to find an app that will actually DO my shopping and tasks for me…

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