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Home Alone (sort of)

C left on Monday morning for his work trip to the US. Ever since I joined him in France last June, we haven’t really been apart for long periods of time. Sure, he’s gone on the occasional business trip but usually only for a couple of days, so this two-week trip really kinda sucks. The worst bit is that Noah and I are cooped up here in our house with my MIL, who has a very different parenting style from us.

To be honest, I am very much of a control freak and I’m trying very hard not to be too particular about things but it’s tough. I really wish I can just be alone with my baby boy during this period, but sadly, that’s not going to happen. Come to think of it, C and I haven’t even had the chance to live alone with Noah since we got back from the hospital.

I thank God that Noah is a good baby and at the end of the day, I try to remind myself that that is what really matters. Right now, Noah has a huge booger in his right nostril and has been snorting like a pig since this morning. I don’t know if he has actually caught a cold or if it’s just a booger and nothing more, but things seem much scarier when C is away. I’ve tried using a nasal aspirator but that didn’t work, and I’m trying very hard not to over-react. Noah doesn’t seem very bothered by it and has been drinking his milk and sleeping as per normal, so that’s good. Anyway, I’ve prayed with Noah just now so I’m going to trust that God will heal him.

Last night, I had another mini freak out session when I thought Noah’s bum looked a little red. Scared that it was diaper rash, I went online to do a quick Google search for diaper rash images. NEVER EVER do that! The images I saw have scarred me for life, I tell you. I applied an extra dollop of Desitin on him just to be safe and this morning, when my mum popped by, she took a look at his bum and said she didn’t think it was diaper rash. Phew! I’m still going to spread a more generous amount of Desitin on his bum to be safe from now on though.

I’m having a pity party for myself at the moment, missing C and wishing that the days will pass more quickly. I know it’s worse for him, being away from us and we’ve been having video chats on Skype in the mornings so that he can see Noah. Two weeks in baby terms is a long time and I’m sure he misses being able to cuddle our little boy in his arms. I pray that God will take good care of our little family and bring C home safely next Sunday.

Hello, daddy! We miss you!

Video chat

Noah in his preferred sleeping spot these days, although I think it comforts me more than him tonight, to have him sleeping on my chest. Pardon the poor photo quality. I’m trying to keep the room a little darker at night to help him differentiate between day and night.


Update: After his bath this morning, Noah sneezed a couple of times and the booger came out! Thank You, God, for answering our prayers! 🙂

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