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Hello, Bali!

After almost a year, C and I decided that it was time we went on holiday. As it would be Noah’s first trip, our main criteria was a short flight, and a baby-friendly place.

We booked a villa in Bali based on some recommendations from our friends, and thankfully, were able to change the dates of our reservation after C found out that he had a conference to attend in Bali as well. I know, right, who attends conferences in Bali? Sounds like an excuse to have a holiday! Thanks to the conference, we got to stay at the Westin in Nusa Dua for a couple of days too! (Separate post for the hotel later.)

Evidence that there really WAS a conference


Noah was pretty excited to be on the plane, though he did get upset when he had to wear baby seatbelt initially. Apart from that, he was happy to play with the tray table, and a lady passenger behind who was kind enough to entertain him for a while. KLM made it a really special first flight for him, and hopefully, he will enjoy the return flight as well.

Happy baby on board



Checking out the view


We walked in the sweltering heat to the Bali Collection for lunch the next day, and ate at the Mai Mai Restaurant there. C had some fish dish, while I had the duck dish, which came in the form of two meatballs, not what I was expecting at all! The fresh fruit juice was quite refreshing, though it didn’t do much to cool us down. It’s so much hotter in Bali than Singapore! They had a traditional wooden high chair for Noah, which was quite a novelty for the little boy. It doesn’t have any safety straps, however, and he kept trying to stand up in it after a while.

Our drinks




Dinner was a much better affair at Kendi Kuning, run by a lovely Australian lady and her Balinese husband. It’s a great seafood restaurant, set on the sandy beach, and we really enjoyed our meal there.

Dinner on the beach


The wait staff was extremely attentive, placing plenty of citronella candles around us to ward off mosquitoes, and even taking turns to carry Noah, just so we could eat. The seafood was extremely fresh, and I loved both the King Prawns and White Snapper, grilled to perfection over coconut husks.





Noah came down with a runny nose on Sunday night, so we didn’t venture out on our own while C attended the conference. He’s still cranky and can’t sleep well at night, so I’ve been his pillow the past few nights. We’re now at the villa in Seminyak, which comes with a private pool, so hopefully, Noah will recover quickly so that we can go swimming!

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