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Goodbye, Franklin Central Apartments

For those of you who read my post on To Move or Not to Move, you would know that we were trying to decide if we should leave our first “home” in Adelaide, Franklin Central Apartments, otherwise known as place A in my previous post. 

Well, from the title of this post, I guess it’s pretty obvious that we moved. Noah has been snuggling up to C too much at night, causing him to have insufficient rest, and that was the main deciding factor. Of course, we are fully aware that if Noah is determined to snuggle up to either one of us, he will do it, regardless of the size of the bed. But at least with a king-sized bed, we won’t be falling off the bed so much.

We packed up our things in two days, rented a car, and moved in to our new place yesterday. C had to make a couple of trips, while I fed Noah his lunch at our old place, and we said goodbye to our apartment after that.

Noah rolling around on the floor one last time before we left 


Our stay at Franklin Central was a wonderful one, and if you ever plan to visit Adelaide, we would definitely recommend staying there, for the location, and great service. The lift is a little wonky, and in the few days before we left, it broke down a couple of times, and we had to lug the baby, his stroller, and our bags, up and down many flights of stairs, which was not fun at all. The staff did offer to help us, but we figured we could manage on our own. Noah will probably miss playing peekaboo with the staff at Franklin Central, and I’ve promised them that I’ll bring him to visit every now and then, before we leave Adelaide for good.

With one of his favourite staff members of Franklin Central 


Our new place is a lot more spacious, and even though the stairs will take some getting used to, I think we’re pretty happy with it so far. Noah was really excited when we first got here, and was very busy running around, and refused to take his nap. Anyway, he seems to have gotten really comfortable here, and was busy rolling around on the floor before bed-time last night.

Being a starfish on the floor 


Hopefully, we’ll enjoy our stay here as much as we did at Franklin Central! 🙂


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