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Goldilocks and the Diaper Bag

You know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, right? Well, I felt like Goldilocks today, when I was window shopping at Raffles City. I’ve been wanting to get a new diaper bag because I’m bored of the old one my current one is torn and putting too much strain on my shoulder. I’ve mainly been looking at diaper bags online (gmarket aka qoo10 is my best friend) but nothing has made me whip out my credit card yet.

I wasn’t planning to look for a diaper bag today, but once I saw my old friends, Kate and Agnes, (Last names Spade and B. *wink*) I had to go and say hello. Kate had a couple of diaper bags on sale, but as always, her taste is rather expensive. I also had to consider the hub’s image, and figured that the bright pink one probably wouldn’t look good on him. Ditto the one with the very pretty bow. Agnes didn’t have diaper bags, although a very gorgeous and roomy red bag caught my eye. It was nice and light too, but ever since I stopped earning money became a SAHM, I can’t bring myself to splurge on these luxuries. I love buying things for C and Noah, but I tend to think twice before getting something for myself.

What would my ideal diaper bag be like?

1. Big but not bulky. – I am kiasu prefer to be well-prepared rather than to be caught with insufficient diapers/wet wipes/change of clothes. Noah has also started on solids, which means the number of things I’ll have to bring will increase. I also need sufficient space in my bag to hold my personal belongings too, since carrying two bags is impractical when I’m out on my own with the baby. Multiple compartments will be a bonus.

2. Light. – I bought a Carters diaper bag previously but it was made of rather heavy fabric and my shoulders ached terribly after that one outing. With so many things in the bag, it definitely needs to be made of light, yet sturdy, material.

3. Waterproof. – Mothers have more than enough things to worry about. We definitely don’t need to think about how to keep our bags dry in wet weather, or even when our kids inadvertently spill something on them. A waterproof interior will also be a big plus as water tumblers or food containers aren’t always leak-proof, regardless of what the label says.

4. Pretty. – Okay, I admit that this might be a little frivolous but hey, the diaper bag is my new handbag, and you can’t blame me for wanting it to look nice, right? I know that the hubs will be the one lugging it around when we go out together, so I’m willing to compromise a little on this. As long as it doesn’t scream ‘auntie’, I think I’m good. Oh but it needs to have a nice shape. Nothing with corners sticking out!

5. Affordable. – I’m not the sort who buys Gucci bags, and like I said earlier, I no longer earn my own keep. I was very tempted by Agnes earlier but good sense (and cents) prevailed and I managed to walk out of the store with my wallet firmly tucked in my bag. I confess that I thought a lot about the bag and even asked my best friend when she was heading to Japan again, just in case I could get her to buy it for me. But I shall resist.

Apart from the points above, there are some other factors to be considered. I haven’t quite decided if I want a bag with a zippered or open top, or if the bag should have one or two shoulder straps. I guess it really depends on the design of the bag, and whether it fits all my other criteria. I will also prefer it if it comes with a changing mat, but that isn’t a major factor as I can always get a separate mat.

Unlike Goldilocks, I haven’t found my perfect diaper bag today. Hopefully, my current bag will take pity on me and survive until I find my dream diaper bag. In the meantime, the search continues and I’d love to hear any recommendations you may have! 🙂

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