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Fun for Free: Tampines 1 Water Playground

We recently visited the Tampines 1 Water Playground with some friends, and it was so much fun! I was initially a little worried that Noah wouldn’t enjoy himself, because he doesn’t like getting his face wet, but thankfully, he followed the example of his friend, and splashed around the area happily. In fact, he had such a good time that I struggled to get him out of the water, even though he had been playing for more than two hours! 

The Tampines 1 rooftop Water Playground opens at 10am daily (except on Mondays, when it opens only at 4pm), and is extremely popular with young children. There were quite a few other children playing there, apart from our little group, and there was more than enough space for everyone to play, which is definitely a plus point. There are three different waterplay areas to explore, and although most of the water playground is out in the sun, there is a small shaded section where the benches are, for children who prefer playing in the shade.


The different waterplay sections



I tried really hard to get Noah under this, just before the container tips over and pours the water out, but he always walked away before that could happen!


The shaded area







I thought his expression was hilarious in this photo!


Always ready with a smile for the camera



Busy collecting and pouring water







Splashing around



So proud of him for trying out one of the slides




If your kids get tired of playing with water for some reason, there are two “dry” playgrounds in the same area as well, one for toddlers, and another for kids aged 5 to 12.

For Toddlers



For older kids


We had a really good time, and would definitely visit it again, when the haze clears up!

PS. If you’re wondering what Noah is wearing on his feet, they’re called Poolzies, and are shoes specially for waterplay! I’ll be reviewing them next week, and hosting a giveaway for them as well, so do look out for the post!

Some tips:

1. Go early to avoid the crowds and heat. We were there till slightly before noon, and it was almost unbearably hot by then.

2. Bring plenty of waterproof/water-resistant sunblock for yourself and the children.

3. Bring some plastic cups and small buckets for the children to play with.

4. Be prepared to get wet yourself, especially if your child needs help going up the polar bear slide in the water playground. That section is supposed to be for older children, but it’ll be tough trying to keep your toddlers out of that area!

5. There are shower facilities available, near one of the two escalators, so do bring the necessary toiletries, towels, and change of clothes.

Tampines 1 Rooftop Water Playground 10 Tampines Central 1 Singapore 529536 10am to 930pm daily (except on Mondays, 4pm to 930pm) Admission is free Website HERE

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