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Friday Flips #72: 噼里啪啦迷你立体玩具书 (6册)

Our friends from Once Upon a Bookstore gifted the twins a set of Chinese pop-up books as a going away gift, and it struck me that I hadn’t gotten any new books at all for the babies, so these were technically their first ever books.

When N saw the books, he immediately claimed them as his own, because he was attracted by how cute and brightly coloured they were. He spent a lot of time looking at each page, lifting the flaps, pushing/pulling the tabs, and admiring the colourful pictures. I thought it was good for him to flip through the books before I read them to him, as it allowed him to explore whatever he wanted, without any influence from me. In general, he doesn’t look at the words when I read to him, even if I’m pointing at them, because he’s a visual learner at the moment, and is gathering additional information from the pictures while listening to the words/stories.

噼里啪啦迷你立体玩具书 (6册)

These books are small enough for the babies’ little hands, but that can actually be a bad thing, as the pop-ups are pretty fragile, and I’m super worried that they’ll be ripped out. N was always very good with books, including those lift-the-flap ones, and hardly ever tore them. It’s still a tad early to tell for sure, but I suspect that Meimei doesn’t have the same reverence for books, because she’s been trying to stuff books into her mouth recently. I’m definitely going to have to keep a closer eye on this girl!

Babies looking at the colourful pictures and pop-ups

I like that there are short and relatively simple sentences accompanying each item in the book, explaining what it is in a nutshell. Perfect for young readers who don’t have the patience to sit through long stories, and a good way to introduce Chinese vocabulary to children who don’t get much exposure to the language. N is turning five this year, but he is still very much into pop-up books and lift-the-flap books, so he will go through the books on his own whenever he sees them.







These little books attract children from quite a wide age range, so I think they make pretty good gifts (and I’m not just saying that because we received them as gifts). They’re fun to read, and N loves playing with all the different features in the books, while narrating whatever he sees. He still uses English to do so, but hopefully, once I read them more regularly to him, he will start using the right Chinese vocabulary to describe the pictures.

BUY THE BOOK 噼里啪啦迷你立体玩具书 (6册) on Once Upon a Bookstore

PS. If you need book recommendations, you can email Once Upon a Bookstore at OR fill up their form HERE. I’ve gotten them to put together a selection of books as gift bundles, and the books have always been great hits with their recipients. The gift sets come wrapped in pretty wrapping paper, and are delivered quickly too, so if you’re stuck for gift ideas, try contacting them for suggestions!

Check out the previous Friday Flips posts HERE. I’ve also created a photo album on Facebook with some other good reads, and will be updating it whenever I come across more books that we enjoy. Do pop by for a look HERE.


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