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Friday Flips #43: 抓住那只小狗 & 小狗去哪儿了

I chanced upon these two colourful and fun Chinese books at the library, and borrowed them on a whim for Noah. They reminded me of the ‘Where’s Wally?’ books, which used to frustrate me endlessly because I always struggled to spot Wally in the huge crowd of Wally lookalikes, but these books were definitely less challenging, and more suitable for preschoolers.

Noah isn’t the most observant kid I know, and doesn’t always pay attention to details, but recently, he started showing an interest in his Usborne Lots of Things to Spot Around the World book, so I’ve been trying to capitalise on that, and to get him more similar books to play with.

A little puppy is the star of both books, and children will enjoy tracing his escape route through the different pages. Some of the pages have the escape route and puppy in a slightly rough texture, and there’s even a glow-in-the-dark page (which strangely didn’t work for us). Noah enjoyed trying to spot the little puppy in the different scenes, even though we read the books multiple times, and would ask me why the adults in the book weren’t able to find the puppy.

I confess that I had to check the dictionary for the pronunciations of some of the Chinese characters, especially the names of the people involved in the hunt, but apart from that, the books are quite easy to read, with minimal text on most pages (though some can be quite lengthy).











Noah and I liked that the puppy found someone who loved him and wanted to adopt him at the end of both books. It’s nice to have happy endings for at least some of the stories we read to our children, though this one kinda backfired a little on me, because Noah now sometimes asks us if he can have a puppy too. I just hope he won’t go chasing the puppies he comes across when we go out, and insisting on bringing them home with him!

Happy reading!

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