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Friday Flips #40: Aliens Love Underpants (Plus Discount Code!)

KidsFest 2016 has just begun, and we were thrilled to receive a little package with the Aliens Love Underpants book, as well as some related learning materials for Noah.

Noah was most amused by the title of the book, and couldn’t wait to start reading it. The colourful illustrations definitely caught his eye, and he spent some time flipping through the pages on his own, before asking me to read it to him. I’m pretty sure he likes it, because we’ve read it a couple of nights in a row already!

The friendly-looking aliens in this book are apparently extremely fond of underpants, but unfortunately, there are no underpants available where they come from, so they have to come to earth to find some. They play games with the underpants hanging on the washing lines outside, and escape with some of their favourites, before the washing is taken in. If they’re too slow, they might get left behind, as one of the smaller aliens learns, much to Noah’s amusement. He doesn’t seem to get tired of “finding” that little alien, and does it every time we read the book.

The hilarious storyline will keep little ones engaged, and the clever rhymes make the story very easy to read. Noah giggles at some of the funny bits, and has now taken to checking his underwear and boxers for aliens, before putting them on. Haha.

Aliens Love Underpants





There were a couple of related learning materials sent over, but Noah has only worked on two of them so far. He absolutely loved decorating the large underpants, and keeps asking me if there are more for him to decorate. I suspect he’ll start pasting stickers on his own underwear soon, if I don’t keep a close eye on him. I thought I’d share the two simpler activities here, and you can try them out at home with your kids if you like. Have fun!

Decorate your own underpants


Help the alien find the underpants


I gave Noah stickers for this activity


Hard at work


All done!


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Happy reading (and watching)!

Buy the Book Aliens Love Underpants on Amazon Aliens Love Underpants on Book Depository

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