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Friday Flips #38: Elmer Books (Part 2)

Last week, I shared why we enjoy the Elmer books so much, and the first three Elmer books we read.

Elmer is a very colourful patchwork elephant, who stands out from his ordinary, grey elephant friends, because of his colourful hide. In the first Elmer book, Elmer comes up with an idea to blend in, but all the other elephants preferred Elmer just the way/colour he was, and decided to celebrate Elmer’s difference by having an annual Elmer’s Day. In Elmer’s Special Day, the elephants are all busy preparing for Elmer’s Day, but they make so much noise that the other animals in the jungle get upset with them.

The other animals appeal to Elmer to keep the noise levels down, but when Elmer realises that it is impossible to keep the elephants quiet, he decides to invite the other animals to participate in Elmer’s Day as well. The other animals get really excited about it, and end up making plenty of noise too, which was a pretty clever way to keep everyone happy, I must say.

I like that the book shows how to come up with solutions whenever one encounters problems, instead of being rigid and thinking that there is only one solution for every problem. I also liked that the other animals all put on elephant masks during the parade, so that they would all look like Elmer, which shows how much they appreciated his invitation.

Elmer’s Special Day





In Elmer and Super El, we meet another unique elephant, Super El, who, despite being a superhero, gets into some sort of trouble of his own. His superhero outfit is damaged, so Elmer offers to bring him to Aunt Zelda, who can fix it for him. Super El is afraid that the other animals will see him in his damaged outfit, so Elmer comes up with various different ways to distract them, while Super El sneaks past them.

Older readers might be amused when Aunt Zelda can’t hear properly, and misunderstands what Elmer says, but I think Noah didn’t get it at all. Haha. It was nice to see that even superheroes needed help, and that help can come from the most unlikely sources, in this case, an elderly, hard-of-hearing aunt.

Elmer and Super El





We were pleasantly surprised to see Super El in Elmer and the Birthday Quake, and in this book, Super El comes to the rescue of Old, an old, pink elephant celebrating his 100th birthday. Old is trapped on a cliff when the other pink elephants stomped so hard that the ground split. Rose, Elmer’s pink elephant friend runs off to get help, and Super El flies in to lift Old to safety.

After Old has been rescued, Rose asks Super El for a treat: to lift her up and fly around with her on her birthday, but he wisely tells her that all days can be special, and zooms around with her immediately. I especially liked Elmer’s closing line, “All days are pretty special really.” as it is a subtle reminder to the reader that it is up to us to make the most of each day, and to see the little things that make every day special.

Elmer and the Birthday Quake





I’ve included some links to other Elmer titles from The Groovy Giraffe, and some of them come with audio CDs too! I’ve shared some of our previous purchases from The Groovy Giraffe HERE, and HERE, so if you’re looking for books as Christmas gifts, perhaps you can get some ideas from those posts. Don’t forget to use the coupon code GWTT to get 5% off (except Bargains)!

Happy reading!

Buy the Book Elmer’s Special Day on Amazon Elmer’s Special Day on Book Depository Elmer and Super El on Amazon Elmer and Super El on Book Depository Elmer and the Birthday Quake on Amazon Elmer and the Birthday Quake on Book Depository

Elmer And Grandpa Eldo on The Groovy Giraffe Elmer and Wilbur (with CD) on The Groovy Giraffe Elmer And The Stranger (with CD) on The Groovy Giraffe Elmer And The Wind (with CD) on The Groovy Giraffe Elmer On Stilts (with CD) on The Groovy Giraffe

Check out the previous Friday Flips posts HERE. I’ve also created a photo album on Facebook with some other good reads, and will be updating it whenever I come across more books that we enjoy. Do pop by for a look HERE.

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