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Five Favs

At nine months old, Noah has a few favourite activities.

1. Pulling daddy’s spectacles off his face (and tasting them) C jokes that sometimes, Noah only wants to be carried by him for this reason alone. His arm will already be outstretched and aimed at C’s spectacles, while C is lifting him up from his cot or high-chair. Noah has done this so many times that C’s spectacles are now loose, and he has perfected the art of swiping them off in just one move, before quickly sticking them into his mouth before I can stop him.

2. Throwing things off his high-chair, then peering over the tray to look for them We have a good laugh when he does this, as he always seems so fascinated! Okay, it’s not funny after three times, but I still think it’s pretty cute when he peers over in an exaggerated manner. We’ve also started using toy leashes, so we don’t have to pick things up so often anymore. Now if only someone would invent a food/puff leash…

3. Bouncing on the spot / ‘Dancing’ When he’s especially happy, which can be quite often, Noah likes to bounce up and down, or ‘joget‘ (dance). We call him Jojo Joget (after one of the Noose characters) when he does it!

Bouncing on Rody


4. Putting everything (but food) into his mouth When, oh when, will he stop doing this? I’ve been told that it is a phase that babies will outgrow, but right now, it seems like a myth. I have to constantly watch him because he really puts every.single.thing in his mouth. Except food. Really. I don’t know why! When he has nothing to put into his mouth, he’ll try to gnaw on the tray on his high-chair if he’s seated in it, or grab our hands/clothes, to stuff them into his mouth. I’ve even gotten a teething necklace so that he can chew on it when I carry him.

5. Playing peekaboo This is still one of his favourite games, that he doesn’t seem to get tired of playing. Sometimes, if we don’t have a cloth to throw over his head or anything to hide behind, we just turn away from him and turn back quickly, saying, “Peekaboo!” and that’s good enough to amuse him.

Do your kids enjoy these activities too?

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