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Even the Baby gets the Monday Blues

After two whole weeks of waking up next to his papa, Noah woke up this morning, looked at C’s side of the bed, and whispered, “Papa?”

He then looked at me, smiled, pointed at the bedroom door, and repeated, “Papa!” On the rare occasions that C wasn’t sleeping in bed next to him, C would be out in the living room, and the little boy would excitedly crawl off the bed, and trot out of the room in search of his beloved papa. This happens at night too, when he can’t fall asleep, despite being nursed. He loves to go out of the bedroom on his own, giggling to himself, to surprise his papa in the living room.

This morning, however, when he asked for C, I told him that papa was at work, and wasn’t in the apartment. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The little boy scrunched up his face, started crying, and kept asking for papa. My heart broke, seeing him like that, because previously, before the two week break, Noah didn’t seem as affected whenever he heard that papa was at work. Yes, he’d ask for C at random intervals throughout the day, but he had never actually cried about it, so his response this morning really came as a surprise.

I quickly offered him some milk, which usually does the trick, but he cried even more, pointing at the door and going ‘papa papa papa papa’. I hugged him, gave him milk, and texted C to tell him about what just happened. Sigh.

It is at moments like these that I’m so very thankful that I’m the one who gets to stay home with the baby, rather than have to go to the office and miss seeing him all day.

Noah and his papa 

C’s going to the US for a week soon, and I’m really dreading it now. It’s not the first time that he’s been away, of course, but it’s the first time that I’ll be alone with Noah in a foreign country, with no ‘backup’ in the form of my parents. Praying that Noah will not drive me nuts asking for ‘papa’ the whole week!


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