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DIY Rooster Craft for CNY 2017

N’s school requested that we bring one CNY decoration for their classroom, and after asking N what he wanted to make, we decided on the same “Big Fish, Small Fish” craft from last year. This time round, he tried folding the red packets, but gave up after a while, because he said it was “too difficult”. *rolls eyes*

Initially, I thought we should do a Rooster craft, so I showed him some rooster crafts that I found online (this Pinterest page has a lot of ideas!), and he chose to do a simple handprint one. It turned out really cute (to me), so I decided to keep them to decorate our home instead. Heh. I liked quite a few of other the rooster crafts that I saw, but N wasn’t keen, so we only worked on this one. Oh well.

What You’ll Need

Drawing block Paint (I used the Crayola washable paint) Marker or googly eyes (I got the googly eyes from Popular long ago) Scissors String (if you’re planning to hang it up)


1. Get your child to paint his/her palm and thumb in the same colour. 2. Paint the remaining four fingers in any other colour you like. 3. Make a handprint on the drawing block. 4. Use red paint to create the rooster’s comb on top. 5. Draw or paint legs for the rooster. 6. Add the googly eye or draw an eye for the rooster after the paint dries. 7. Cut it out, punch a hole at the top, and thread a piece of string through it if you want to hang it up.

N painting

The completed roosters

The fish craft (One big fish, and two little fish) that he’s bringing instead

Have fun!

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