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DIY Cardboard Television

Each time my loot from iHerb arrives, Noah gets really excited. Like me, he loves getting parcels, but after checking out the contents of the parcel, he can’t wait to get his hands on the box itself. He prefers the bigger boxes naturally, since we made a DIY Cardboard Aeroplane with the last big box we got, and I thought he wouldn’t be interested in the small box we received recently, but he was!

Noah kept trying to fit the box over his head, and initially, I didn’t know what he was trying to do, and admonished him for doing that because I thought it was dangerous. I mean, what if his head got stuck inside and he couldn’t breathe? (Yes, I am paranoid like that.) He was rather persistent, and when I finally asked him what he was trying to do, he told me, “I want to make a tv!”

He doesn’t usually get any screen-time, so I don’t know where he got his idea from, but I figured it sounded easy enough to make. Just cut a hole on one side, and voila! Instant TV! My parents happened to be at our place that evening, so my dad offered to cut the hole in the box for Noah. After the hole was made, my dad decided to help him tape up the sides, so that the box would fit over Noah’s head properly, and my mum suggested adding the antenna and “buttons”. All I did was to provide the materials! Anyway, Noah was super thrilled with his TV, and my parents had a lot of fun “changing the channel”, and getting the “eyes closed channel”, “tongue sticking out channel”, and “winking channel”.

Noah News Network


The next morning, Noah decided that his “babies” could be the ones on TV instead. He spent quite a bit of time putting them into the TV, and getting them to “talk”, which was quite entertaining for me.

Noah’s “Babies” on TV



Making them “talk”


I’m not sure how long his interest in this cardboard TV will last, but it was so easy to make that I think he has already gotten quite a lot of “value” from the amount of time we spent on it. I especially like that he found a different way to play with it, and got his soft toys to reenact some scenes from the stories we’ve read together!

Materials Needed Small cardboard box Scissors / Penknife Tape Two straws Two bottle caps

PS. I find the cardboard boxes from iHerb to be really sturdy and good for cardboard crafts! If you don’t know what to buy from iHerb, you can check out my most recent posts HERE and HERE. Don’t forget to use the discount code if you’re a first-time shopper on iHerb!

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