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Christmas 2013

2013 was the second time we celebrated Christmas overseas since we’ve been married, and because our parents missed their grandson, our gift to them this year was to fly them out to Adelaide for a week. In exchange, we got some home-cooked meals, and some time off from the baby. Not a bad deal at all! 

We had plans to go to church on Christmas Day, but as everyone with kids knows, nothing can ever be set in stone when it comes to kids. Noah decided to wake up at 10am that morning, most likely tired out from all the playing with his grandparents, and by then, the church service was already over.

As most restaurants and places of attraction are closed on Christmas Day, we made reservations for an early dim sum lunch at a nearby restaurant. Not Christmassy at all, I know, but with the older generation, Chinese food is a must, even when we are overseas. We popped by the nearby park after lunch, so that Noah could watch us feed his beloved ‘dah-dah’ / ducks, and the grandparents enjoyed watching him watch them.

Even though we’re overseas, Noah still received quite a number of gifts, and was thrilled to have so much wrapping paper to play with. C bought him a rocking cow as an early Christmas gift, so it’s not in the photos below, but I’m really wondering how we’re going to bring all the books and toys home next time.

Surrounded by presents



Checking out his new shoes 


Fascinated by the fire engine 


Playing with Grandma 


Happy baby 


Our Christmas dinner was a simple one, cooked by my dad. C had received a huge leg of ham from his company, and my dad made it his mission to try and use as much of it as possible in our meals while he was here. Needless to say, we got sick of eating ham by the third meal, and had a lot of ham left.

Noah with the leg of ham that was heavier than him 


Home-cooked Chinese Christmas dinner 


We took a short drive to Henley Beach after dinner, where Noah got to walk on the sand and dip his feet in the cold sea water, before coming home again for his Christmas dinner, plain pasta, and more play time with the grandparents. Even though we didn’t get to go to church on that day itself, it was nice to have spent Christmas with our family, especially since we haven’t seen them in a few months.


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