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Being a SAHM…

A few days ago, I mentioned on Twitter (@GrowingwtheTans) that I still think about going back to work, but when I think about the insane amount of work I used to have, I doubt I can spend enough time with baby. I know there are plenty of working mums out there, and I am in absolute awe of them. I struggle to survive daily, and I’m exhausted from just looking after ONE child, so I don’t know how working mums manage to go to work, then go home to their little ones.

C told me about a conversation he had with his friends one day. One of them had just become a father, and his mother was visiting from Malaysia. She was surprised that his wife wasn’t working, they had a helper to do the household chores, AND had tingkat (catered) food for dinner. She just couldn’t understand why so many people were involved in the care of one baby, as she was a one-woman show in the past. And she had two kids. The guys apparently jokingly said, ‘They don’t make wives as they used to.’

Mums 1

Now before all the SAHMs start getting upset, let me just say that I doubt any of the men that day would be able to do half of what we as SAHMs do. C gets tired from playing with Noah, and often convinces me to do ‘tag-team parenting‘, in which he gets to rest first, and usually, by the time it’s my turn to rest, Noah wants to nap too, so C gets MORE time to rest.

Tickle time!


What usually happens after C plays with Noah for a while


Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m very, VERY thankful that I can be a SAHM, for now, at least. Yes, I miss teaching, having a lot of me-time, and seeing my bank account grow each month. But I’m thankful that I can be a mother, and that I get to stay at home with my little boy. I have to TRY my best to spend less, but like my Twitter friend (@endorphynn) said, I’m lucky I have the option of staying home with my baby.

I also have had it pretty good this past year, because C has been able to work from home most of the time, except when he travels for business, or when he has to go in to the office for meetings. He does have to take quite a few conference calls at night, but at least he’s at home, which means I can get him to watch Noah while I go to the toilet or bathe. Things are going to change really soon though, when he has to go back to a normal office job next month, and Noah will no longer have the luxury of having two parents at home with him. BUT, we are thankful that C was able to be home for the most part of Noah’s first year, and I think it’s a privilege that not many families have.

I’m also thankful for my parents, who come over each night whenever C is away on business. They’re both still working, and I know they must be exhausted, but they come over to play with Noah, and to give me a short break. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to bathe without a baby sitting outside the toilet door crying away!

What happens when Mummy is in the toilet


What are YOU thankful for today? 🙂

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